Save Buddhism from Christian missionaries

I came across this post in the blog called “Young Anabaptist Radicals” which I thoroughly agree with. (

(1). Charlie K. (the post author) is a dedicated Anabaptist. He is committed to Jesus way of love, joy, compassion and peace.

(2). Some Buddhists also hold to compassion, kindness and non violence and hold values that Buddha held to prior to Jesus’ coming into the world.

(3). God is non violent. He is compassion, loving-kindness and healing-mercy so those who practice these values know something of God.

(4). Why then are Christian missionaries being sent to convert Buddhists? Many Christian missionaries do not hold to Jesus’ way of non violence but have a wrathful and angry view of God as well as a loving view of God.

(5). Too many preachers of Christian Fundamentalism preach a “turn or burn” theology and try to scare their listeners into turning to Christ. These people believe that Buddhists  are going to burn in hell forever.

(6). These Christian missionaries are doing great mental and emotional damage to those Buddhist people who practice a loving-kindness meditation every day and seek to live this out in their daily lives.

(7). These Fundamentalist Christian missionaries often emphasize correct theology over living out Jesus centred values.

(8).Jesus said to let our light so shine before human beings that they may see your good works (deeds and words of loving-kindness) and so glorify your Father who is in heaven. He didn’t say that our dogma should shine before others.

(9). Creative love theism (my theology) sees God as a personal, relational and social being whose nature is unconditional, others-centred, self-giving, community-forming and life-affirming compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness and that everlastingly.

(10). All God’s classical attributes need to be re-interpreted in the light of his/her nature as love. This is one way we can hold to a compassionate and non violent view of God that we find in Jesus.

(11). Christian missionaries should not proselytize compassionate Buddhists because they implicitly know God’s way of loving one’s enemies. They know it via Buddha.

(12). All who practice loving-kindness and non violence whatever religion they attend, or even if they are of no religion, practice the way of God who is love itself.


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